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About us

We are a human team that day by day develops solutions and technologies for the Colombian industry, we believe that in our country we have the human talent to develop technologies with international standards that are within the reach of small and medium industry; and that has the quality for the big industry.

We are committed to meeting the requirements and needs of our clients; designing comprehensive industrial automation solutions for large, medium and small companies with the support and guarantee of service and design of all our products, as well as continually planning, controlling and improving all the processes of the quality management system.


Offer personalized products and services to the industrial sector with quality standards that meet the needs of our customers, thus generating well-being and profitability with the implementation of new technologies that allow our products to stand out as leaders in the market, through a human team highly qualified and committed.


To be in 2020 one of the leading companies in the market for the development of industrial projects, which adjust to the needs of customers and the requirements of the Colombian industry, obtaining the profitability and sustainability necessary to enter the foreign market.

Quality policies

The design and continuous development of the company's strategic plan leads us to constantly update processes and industry requirements, which is why we are innovating, updating, systematizing each product in order to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients' needs. , through our personalized engineering service. Quality is a permanent challenge, a lifestyle for which we strive every day.

We are committed to the search for innovation and continuous improvement, under quality and safety standards. For them we work for the certification in ISO 9000, OSHA and ISO 14000.

Our goal from the moment of its foundation, has been to commit ourselves with our staff to solve the current problems of the industry, putting at your disposal cutting-edge technology with efficient, small, adaptable designs that challenge normal standards so that they can organize white spaces and make them highly productive with a low cost of operation.

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