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KCI electrostatic painting equipment

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Original factory equipment, KCI brand, for manual application of electrostatic powder paint. K1 Series (Last Generation) that includes:

  • Integrated KCI technology for improved efficiency, dust savings and performance. Maximum control and electrostatic power for uniform results.

  • Control unit with balance between digital functions (pulses, repainting, corners and normal) and similar functions for air regulation. (Collects the best of previous series of KCI teams.)

  • Lightweight gun (460) includes kit of first nozzles, electrodes, injectors and fuses.

  • Antistatic powder hose with spark-cleaning KCI technology and electric arcs to prevent the risk of fire and total safety for the painter.

  • Hopper in stainless steel (40 lt.) With fluidized plate.

  • Main regulator with oil and water trap, manometers, selenoid valves (2), support and soft transport trolley, hoses, quick couplings, power cable and ground pole, springs and hose hooks.

  • Equipment certified to international standards, compatible with Optiflex 1 (GEMA) systems.

  • As direct manufacturer representatives we can offer you the best prices on the market and a two (2) year factory warranty.

  • Optional cleaning valve with KCI technology activated by a touch button on the gun that allows cleaning the inside of the hose from dust easily and quickly.

  • K1-6 kit for quick color changes with tray for direct extraction from the dust box with silent vibrating table.

  • Includes: installation and training (2 hours) on the use, prevention, maintenance and diagnosis of KCI equipment. Advisory.

  • KCI-K1 or KCI-K6 equipment availability, 5 to 7 business days.

Gema electrostatic painting equipment




It includes:

Control unit with retractable metal cabinet, 110/220/330 V mains connection cable, with gun holder.

A valve for fluidizing air pressure, mounted on the equipment trolley.

Ultra efficient powder injector that allows efficient powder transport, reducing air consumption and dust loss.

Lightweight (520 gr) ergonomic manual spray gun for better balance in the hands and comfortable grip. Remote Control that offers the flexibility to adjust parameters without leaving the job site. It allows to obtain a higher paint yield and optimize its consumption, ensuring optimum layer thicknesses.

Delivery hoses, additional air, fluidizing and atomizing air.

A mobile pedestal with wheels for equipment support

A powder hopper, with a capacity for 25 kilos of paint, with its respective manhole cover.

Nordson electrostatic painting equipment



It is a Nordson EncoreLt manual application system, it offers new applications in both the controller and the gun. Nordson technology provides a new design that allows ease of application operation as well as its own configuration, working with Select Charge technology for geometries. varied and its innovative AFC system (AUTOMATIC FEED CURENT), which allows minimizing the Faraday effect in your application, in itself a world of benefits at your fingertips.

EncoreLT gun, the lightest on the market (497gr) that allows the operator to develop more application variations without influencing early fatigue, ergonomic design and stability in the clamping magus, sweeping system with auxiliary trigger (purge) and works with an air Low flow that allows cleaning the electrode in each seal, its performance in terms of charge transfer reaches up to 100 KV facilitating any application in less passes, the EncoreLT gun is resistant, light and extremely functional.

The EncoreLT ® Controller supplies digital controls both in Flow and Atomization with Smart Flow system that allows to vary the Flow (powder) and the controller varies the Atomization, it introduces the Select Charge ® Technology for different applications such as Reprocessing, Metallic and deep cavity, it offers a system Standard load and AFC that regulates the current in each application, the EncoreLT controller indicates the application time and Stand-by sleep mode for less consumption, an innovative dashboard easy for any operator.

ENCORE GENERATION 2 PUMP, high performance delivering up to (450g / min) with quick coupling fittings completely sealing the fluid, (without threads) works with conductive O, rings that perfectly adjust the suction system, The Encore 90 ° GEN2 pump , it delivers more flow (dust) with less air consumption, calculated for a fully Atomized suction system, its Tivar alloy venturi throat gives a line of work with greater friction.


Its innovative Antistatic powder hose with conductive wire brings the static charge to the ground without undergoing low loads to the operator, the alloy is durable and without contamination in color changes.


The system is delivered with two (1) flat flow (4mm) nozzles and (1) conical flow nozzle with (26mm deflector) Tivar.

- 50Lbs (23Klg) hopper

- 4, 6, 8 and 10mm air hoses

- Car be a team

- 0.3 Microparticle filter

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